The CPU recently achieved a major milestone, with our membership crossing the 2000 mark for the first time in our 33 year history. Considering that we were at around 700 just 4 years ago, this is phenomenal growth.

The reason for this growth? Unequipped lifting, without a doubt. The increased accessibility, lower cost, great spirit of fun and accomplishment shown by today's raw lifters have all contributed to this, and there is no end in site!

Update: We crossed 2000 last Friday, and have 2041 as of Monday!

Latest Results
Classique Rhino Rive-Sud, Longueuil, Aug 29
2015 DTS Open, Ottawa ON, Aug 22
2015 Evolve/LRP Open, Edmonton AB, Aug 22
2015 ATP Open, Sydney NS, Aug 22
2015 DVP Open, Hamilton ON, Aug 15
2015 Bent Iron Blitz, Kamloops BC, Aug 15
2015 UF Meet, Arnprior ON, Aug 8
2015 Bay Noppers Memorial, Edmonton AB, Aug 2

International Events

31 Aug-6 Sept, IPF World Juniors Championships, Prague, CZR
28 Sept-4 Oct, IPF World Master Championships, Denver CO
9-15 Nov, IPF Open World Championships, Hamm, Luxembourg
22-23 Nov, NAPF North American Bench Championships, TBA
30 Nov-6 Dec, Commonwealth Championships, Richmond BC

Interested in lifting at an IPF Worlds or other international event? Look Here for details on qualifying, entering, forms, fees etc. Entry Deadline for all is 90 days prior, NO EXCEPTIONS

Live Video
Live video and session results for IPF World events are broadcast from the Goodlift site.

CPU Lapel Pins Now Available!

     $5.00 each. (all Team Canada members get one free)

Calendar of Events

2015 SPA Provincial Championship
Sept. 5, 2015, Weyburn, SK
Meet Director: Ryan Fowler saskpowerlifting@gmail.com
Entry form in MS Word or Adobe PDF

Quebec Central Open #3, PL & BP
Sept 9, Drummondville, QC
Marc Desjardins 819-479-2601 desjardins_marc87@hotmail.com
Online registration: http://www.fqd-quebec.com/meets/upcoming

Highland Powerlifting Club Contest
September 12, Orangeville ,ON
MD: James Newton, 519 307 0115 jnewton19@hotmail.com

North Bay Open
Setember 20, North Bay ON
Meet is FULL

Eastern Canadian Championships
Sept. 25-26, St. John's NL
MD: Jeff Butt, (709)597-2945 or buttspa@hotmail.com
Entry form in MS Word or Adobe PDF.

2015 17 Wing Powerlifting Championiships
September 26, Winnipeg, MB
MD: Robert Snow, ROBERT.SNOW@forces.gc.ca
Enty form in MS Word or Adobe PDF

Victory Barbell Last Chance Open
27 Sept, Ottawa, ON
Meet Directors: Chris Fudge & Maggie Rafferty
613-252-5647 rafferty.maggie@gmail.com

Mofo Qualifier, PL & BP
Sept 27, Jonquière, QC
Joel Boulianne 418-290-7808 joethebeast666@hotmail.com
Online registration: http://www.fqd-quebec.com/meets/upcoming

DVP Fall Qualifier
October 4, Ancaster ON
Meet is FULL

Belle River Open
Oct 10, Belle River ON
Meet Director: Jerry Marentette, jerrymarentette@hotmail.com

Ottawa Fall Open
Oct 17, Ottawa, ON
MD: Sandro D'Angelo, 613.769.7747 sandrodangelo@rogers.com

2015 BCPA Fall Cassic
Oct 17-18, Abbotsford, BC
Meet Director : Brian Rock

October 17th, Edmonton AB
Meet Directors: Jon Cheung
Entry to follow

Canadian Strength Symposium
October 31, Saskatoon, SK
MD's: Steve Price and Robyn Pearce
Click here to Enter

Ontario Junior & Sub-Junior Classic Championship
Oct 31-Nov 1, Hamilton, ON

November 14, University of Alberta, Edmonton
Meet Director: Ken Gavina
Entry to follow

Ontario Open & Master Classic & Equipped Championships
Nov 20-22, Ottawa ON

Western Canadian Championships
Dec 19, Moose Jaw, SK
MD: Ryan Stinn, stinndler@gmail.com
Entry Form in MS Word or Adobe PDF

2015 Last Chance Meet
Dec 19, Moose Jaw, SK
MD: Ryan Stinn, stinndler@gmail.com
Entry Form in MS Word or Adobe PDF

Canadian Championships
Feb 15-20, Regina, SK
MD's: Ryan Stinn, stinndler@gmail.com and Ryan Fowler, ryan.fowler@cornerstonesd.ca
Entry Form to follow.

Ottawa Summer Showcase
16 July 2016, Ottawa, ON
Meet Directors: Chris Fudge & Maggie Rafferty
613-252-5647 maggie@gmail.com

Info on Ontario Meets can be found on the OPA's website.

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