CPU Coach Application

The CPU Coaching Committee is accepting applications for all International Teams. The deadline for applications for each event is the same as that of applying to be a team member, with the exception for 2018 being Classic Bench Worlds and Classic Worlds, with those deadlines being March 17, 2018.

Interested applicants are to complete the Team Canada Coach Application Form and submitted to Ryan Fowler at saskpowerlifting@gmail.com. Applicants are invited to also submit a coaching resume and any other information each applicant would like.

Reimbursement for all international coaches is as follows:
Head Coach: $800 plus $27/lifter
Assistant Coach: $400 plus $23/lifter

All Team Canada Coaches are expected to attend the Technical Meeting, Opening Ceremonies and Closing Banquet as well as all coaching sessions for the duration of the Championship.

All Team Canada coaches are expected to purchase a Team Canada track suit to wear. Track suits are available by contacting Rhaea Stinn at rhaea@innerstrengthproducts.ca. Earlier versions of the track suit are acceptable. Coaching attire during the competition must meet the requirements as laid out by the IPF.

If there are any questions, please contact the CPU Coaching Committee Chair, Ryan Fowler, at saskpowerlifting@gmail.com.