World Team Application

As a result of competing at the most recent CPU nationals you may now submit your name as a candidate for Team Canada

Step One: You must fill out this form below, before 90 days prior to the championship.

Step Two: Team selection will place shortly after the 90 day deadline. If you are selected, you will be required to pay a fee of $225 to the CPU this fee is used to pay the IPF Participation and Drug Testing fee's payable for all lifters, and compensation to our team coaches.

You may be selected as an alternate, and will only lift if a regular team member is unable to compete.

You may withdraw up to 30 days before the event and be refunded. If you withdraw after that date or do not attend, you will not be refunded.

Step Three, REQUIREMENTS after selection:

Further information about CPU International Teams can be found at the CPU World Team information page at :

Note: ALL communication will be done via EMAIL only, no other methods will be used.

Applicant Information                           Nationals Information
Name Age Class
Phone Weight Class
Home Address Placing
City Squat
Province Bench Press
Postal Code Deadlift
Email Total
Birthdate Wilks
Contest Information
International Championship Weight Class For Championship
Division Age Class For Championships
Whereabouts Information (only to be filled for Open/Junior World Championships)
Work/School Address Primary Training Facility Address
City/Prov City/Prov
Postal Code Postal Code
Times of Attendance Times of Attendance

Provide also one specific 60-minute time slot between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. local time where the applicant will, during the above mentioned period be available and accessible for no-advance notice Doping Testing at a specific location.

Location Address
City/Prov Postal Code