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The CPU offers a Coaching Certification that is available to both CPU members and non CPU members. The CPU Coaching Certification will provide fitness instructors, cross-fit instructors, athletes and coaches with knowledge about the sport of powerlifting, including rules about the sport of powerlifting and how to recognize technical errors in all three lifts (squat, bench press and deadlift) and learn to correct errors using varying coaching techniques.

The purpose of the CPU Coaching Certification is to educate coaches and instructors in three primary areas:
1. Fundamental techniques for the 3 lifts of powerlifting
2. Safe and effective training environments
3. a) Ethical guidelines and competition support (Coaches)
    b) Framework for utilizing the 3 lifts for group training (instructors)

Course Content

The CPU Coaching Certification is a 2 day (approximately 13 hours of instruction) course which will cover the following:

Day 1 - approximately 6.5 hours
  • Administration - Introduction
  • Purpose of the Certification Program
  • Physical Characteristics of a powerlifter
  • Experiencing the lifts - coaching the squat
  • Coaching Roles and Ethics
  • Experiencing the lifts - coaching the bench press
  • Coaching & Cueing Strategies
Day 2 - approximately 6.5 hours
  • Purpose of the Certification Program
  • Equipment, Etiquette , Safety
  • Experiencing the lifts - coaching the deadlift (sumo and conventional)
  • Program Design
  • Competition Lecture
  • Mock Competition
  • Exam and workshop
  • Final Day wrap up
There are two streams that are available:
  • CPU Certified Instructor Stream
  • CPU Certified Coach Stream
CPU Certified Instructor Stream
This stream is to certify individuals such as personal trainers, physical education teachers and coaches from other sports, in the basic powerlifting techniques and educate them on how to teach beginners to perform the powerlifting lifts property. Participants that wish to become a CPU Certified Instructor will also be required to complete 25 hours of coaching.

CPU Certified Coach Stream
This stream is for coaches that want to develop athletes to compete in competitions. Participants that wish to be a CPU Certified Coach will also be required to complete 50 hours of coaching. They must also be evaluated coaching an athlete at a competition by a course facilitator.

The following are the CPU course facilitators (Bios to follow):
Shane Martin - Alberta
Avi Silverberg - Alberta
Mike Souster - Alberta
Marc Morris - Saskatchewan
Ryan Fowler - Saskatchewan
Jeff Butt - Atlantic Provinces
Ryan Kells - Atlantic Provinces
Heather Ayles - Atlantic
Brock Haywood - Manitoba
Sandro D'Angelo - Ontario
Art Chan - Ontario
Barry Antoniow - Ontario
Jordan Foley - Ontario
Mark Giffin - Ontario
Joel Boulianne - Quebec
Kacey Bains - Quebec

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