Manitoba Contest Results

Manitoba Powerlifting Website :

2021 MPA Powerlifting and Bench Press Provincial Championships, Selkirk, MB, 12-Sep-21
2020 Manitoba Provincials, Winnipeg, MB, 17-Oct-20
2020 MPC 3.0, Winnipeg, MB, 08-Aug-20
2020 CPU Nationals, Winnipeg, MB, 3-Mar-20
2020 Brickhouse Power Challenge, Winnipeg, MB, 01-Feb-20
2020 MPA Last Gasp, Winnipeg, MB, 11-Jan-20
2019 Total Fortification, Winnipeg, MB, 07-Dec-19
2019 MPA Bench Press Championships, Winnipeg, MB, 02-Nov-19
2019 Shake The Interlake, Selkirk, MB, 05-Oct-19
2019 Wheat Meet, Brandon, MB, 10-Aug-19
2019 Manitoba Provincials, Winnipeg, MB, 22-Jun-19
2019 Movement Powerlifting Classic 2.0, Winnipeg, MB, 06-Apr-19
2019 Brickhouse Power Challenge, Winnipeg, MB, 02-Feb-19
2019 Starke Bench Press Championship, West Saint Paul, MB, 19-Jan-19
2018 17 Wing Open, Winnipeg MB, 17-Nov-18
2018 Portage Strength Classic, Southport, MB, 13-Oct-18
2018 Movement Classic, Winnipeg, MB, 11-Aug-18
2018 MPA Provincials, Selkirk, MB, 23-Jun-18
2018 Westman Rocked Wheat 3, Winnipeg, MB, 21-Apr-18
2018 Brickhouse Power Challenge, Winnipeg, MB, 03-Feb-18