Meet Director Guide

Meet Director Guides, Forms and Programs

To provide meet directors and CPU members with the various forms and downloadable files that are needed to run contests, become national Team members, and so on.

International Events:

  • World Championship Team Membership Application
    Explains all team member requirements, in Word format or Adobe format

    For Lifters:
  • Canadian Record Application, required for ALL national records, in PDF or Word formats or use the Record Application
  • Theraputic Use Exemption (TUE) form, for lifters taking prescribed medication that may be banned.

    Contest Directors:
    CPU Meet Directors Guide
    General guidelines for running a meet, with information on timing, paperwork requirements, links to all of the forms below, and external links for Drug Testing information and others: - Adobe PDF Format, or MS Word Format

    NEXT LIFTER is the Scoring program used at CPU Nationals for scoring and overhead projector. An Excel program, it does automatic sorting, all calculations, displays the bar loads, pulls and displays the current national records from the website and more. Redone for the new weight classes.
    Download 2019 Version With IPF Points Here
    NEXT LIFTER Instructions: in PDF Format, or MS Word 07
    You WILL need them at first, they go over the program use, and detail connecting for the auto-upload of live results .


Contest Forms:

  • Scoresheet: Good for your Score table Original, In PDFWord or Excel formats
  • Scorecards: Photocopy for as many as you need, in PDFWord or Excel Formats
  • Attempt Cards: Photocopy one page per lifter, in PDFExcel or Excel Formats
  • Equipment Checklists: Photocopy for as many as you need, in PDF or Excel Formats
  • Weigh-in/Lot Sheets: Photocopy for as many as you need, in PDF or Excel Formats
  • Kilo / Pound Conversions: in Word or Excel Formats
  • Bar Loading Chart: Using 8 x 25 kg, up to 330 kg, in PDFWord or Excel formats